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When I’m dating someone, if she bonds with my cats I’ll give her a chance maybe more than I would otherwise. But if she doesn’t like my cats it’s kind of a deal breaker.”

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"This rock… this rock has been waiting for me my entire life. In its entire life, ever since it was a bit of meteorite a million, billion years ago up there In space. It’s been waiting, to come here. Right, right here. I’ve been moving towards it my entire life. The minute I was born, every breath I’ve taken, every action has been leading me to this crack on the earth’s surface." - 127 Hours (2010)

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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian vs James Franco & Seth Rogen

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James Franco - Bound 3 (Vague)

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"I got best smile in high school… But I had braces for the third time cause I didn’t wear my retainer."- James Franco

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Dave Franco talks Townies

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